Contact Us.

The club is run by a very enthusiastic committee of nine members.


 Ian Lockwood                  Brian Haggath                      Derek Fixter                    John McGee                   Mick McGee                              Chairman                   Secretary /Website                   Treasurer                                     QM Shopkeepers                                      

John  Basford                                          Gary Bragman                        Tim Morris                                Beverley Wilkinson   

Outside Demo Organiser                                          Media   Co-ordinators                                         Facebook Administrator                                        

For further information please contact the Secretary:-

 Brian Haggath....... email  Tel. 01642 454064. Mobile 07899 043535.

Please note:- the email address is not "clickable" - you must type it into your emails.
This is an attempt to stop the constant flow of automatic spam emails which we were receiving.
Please accept our apologies for any small inconvenience this may cause to genuine enquirers.


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