\ Teesside Woodturners' Association: Gallery

A selection of our members' finest work


Helena Kilvington Tony Meadley Bill Heppell

Allan Calvert Frank Bowman John Clark

David Otterson Duncan Hutchinson John McGee

David Muckle Mick McGee Stan lax

Harry Sampson Tony Meadley Gary Stevenson


John Basford Brian Lashbrook Brian Haggath

Ian Robson John Winspear


Nigel coates John Basford David Bowkett

Dennis Wake Ian Robson Brian Lashbrook

David Muckle Robbie Cooper


Alan Jobling. David Muckle. Mike Cox.

Brian Haggath. Dennis Wake. Graham Phoenix.

Robbie Cooper. Frank Bowman. Robbie Cooper.

Bird Boxes.

Bev Wilkinson Billy Marshall

Graham Phoenix Geoff Brown Dennis Wake

Lids and Finials.

Dick Simpson. Glen Isham. David Otterson.

Dennis Wake. Graham Phoenix. Alan Jobling.

Brian Haggath. John McGee.

John Basford. Tony Campbell. Robby Cooper.


Harry Sampson John Oldham

Martin Rowland Reece Poritt Tony Campbell

Let's Think Big!!!!

Mike Cox. Bob Marshall. Nigel Coates.

Mike Cox. David Muckle.

Alan Jobling. Brian Haggath. Graham Phoenix.

A Little Different.

David Johnston Kevin Russell-These figures ca 7cm high. Ian Robson

Robbie Cooper. Tony Campbell Gary Stevenson.

Brian Haggath Bev Wilkinson Ted Thurston

Dennis Wake Duncan Hutchinson Bob Marshall

Brian Haggath David Muckle Alan Jobling

Stan Lax Ian Robson Stan Lax

Robbie Cooper. Alan Jobling.

Members' Donations to Cleveland Lace Guild

Indian Clubs made by members for MIMA
(Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art)

3D timber art displayed on 2ft plaque at Conyers School, Yarm.
90 mushrooms turned by John Oldham (TWA club member, and craft technician at the school).
A further 61 mushrooms turned and donated by club members.

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