We are now running a monthly competition on the fourth Wednesday of each month.
The theme for each competition will be announced at the beginning of the month and will be something simple to encourage all members to have a go.
Winners will be announced each month on this page.

2010: Due to the consistently high standard of competition entries the committee has decided to change the categories. As from now there will be only two classes :- Novice - under two years turning experience and no more than two first place wins in the monthly competition. Craftsman - everyone else.

Wed Jan 27: This month's project was an earring stand. Under the new categories there were no entries in the Novice class but a wealth of superb entries in the Craftsman class, with some very novel and innovative ideas. The result was:- 1st place Alan Jobling, 2nd Ian Robson and 3rd David Johnston.

Wed Feb 23: This month's project was a bangle/bracelet or napkin ring. Once again we had no entries in the novice class but some superb entries in the craftsman class. 1st place went to Fred Cochrane (with his first entry having gone from novice to craftsman.) Well done Fred. In 2nd place was David Johnston and 3rd place was tied between David Burdess and Alan Jobling.

Wed March 24: The project this time was a garden dibber - not a very exciting project and the result was a small number of entries. Novice:- no entries. Craftsman:- 1st Geoff Earl, 2nd David Otterson, 3rd Alan Jobling.

Wed April 28: This month's project was a food scoop and again some excellent exhibits were produced. Winners were - Novice: John Clark. Craftsman: 1st Mike Jones, 2nd Brian Lashbrook, 3rd Alan Jobling.

Wed May 26: This month's subject was a small box, which we thought would be a popular choice, but the number of entries was disappointing. However, the results were:- Novice - No entries. Craftsman - 1st Frank Bowman, 2nd Alan Jobling, 3rd David Johnston.

Wed June 23: The project this month was a spindle (chair leg, stair spindle etc) and we had some excellent entries. The winners were:- Novice - only one entry, Mark Rose (our newest member, so well done Mark for making the effort and putting in a good piece). Craftsman - 1st Mike Jones, 2nd Stan Lax (with a pole lathe turned spiral) 3rd Randal Marr. John Basford also got a special mention with a very close run fourth place.

Wed July 21: This month the subject was a bowl with metal or other media decoration. The number of entries was disappointing but the quality of those which were entered was excellent. Winners were:- Novice 1st Robert Cooper, 2nd Glynis Hartley. Craftsman 1st Brian Lashbrook, 2nd Ian Johnson, 3rd Brian Hobbs.

Wed August 25: The project for this month was a cheese or snack tray. There was only one entry in the novice class so first and only place went to Robbie Cooper. The craftsman class was won by Fred Cochrane with Alan Jobling second and Ian Robson third.

Wed September 22: This month's project was a baby's rattle and due to the very small entry the judges decided not to award any places.

Wed October 27: A spinning top was the project for this month with the places decided on the length of time it would spin. The novice class was won by Helena Kilvington with a time of 1min 0.5secs. 2nd place went to Mark Cockerill. The craftsman class was won by John Oldham with a time of 1min 56secs. 2nd was Dennis Wake and 3rd was John Clark.

Wed November 23: This month's competition was a Christmas decoration.There was a poor response again with no entries in the novice class and only six in the craftsman class. Winners were 1. Fred Cochrane, 2 Brian Lashbrook, 3 Stan Lax.


Starting in January 2011 we are introducing a separate competition for novices (i.e. less than two years turning).
This is an attempt to encourage more novices to enter the competition.

Wed January 26: This was the first competition where we had separate subjects for novices and craftsmen and it did produce a few more novice entries.
The novice subject was a mushroom and the winners were 1st Jackie Gates, 2nd Arthur Bowes, 3rd Peter Rivett.
The craftsman subject was anything turned from a material other than wood. 1st place went to John Basford with a small lidded bowl made of alabaster, 2nd was David Johnston with a miniature clock made from multi-coloured acrylic, and 3rd place went to Alan Jobling for a very delicate lace bobbin turned from white acrylic.

Wed February 24: The novice project this month was a double ended handle (i.e. both ends matching). 1st prize went to John Burdett, 2nd prize to Mark Cockerill and 3rd to Helena Kilvington.
The craftsmans' task this month was to make a sphere and this produced some superb and innovative pieces. 1st prize went to Brian Haggath for a 120 piece segmented sphere with a solid sphere inside it, 2nd place went to Alan Jobling with an excellent and perfectly balanced terrestrial globe type piece, in third place was Norman Sanders with a sphere with two diagonally opposite finials. Ted Thurston got a special mention for his hollow sphere in Yew.

Wed March 23: The novice project this month was a garden dibber and was won by John Burdett. Second place went to our newest member Steven Bury and in third place was Jackie Gates. The craftsman calsss was a tea light holder. First place went to Alan Jobling with a very smart multi candle piece, second place went to Fred Cochrane and third was Frank Bowman.

Wed April 27: This month's novice project was a spinning top. Unfortunately there was only one entry so well done Mark Cockerill for making the effort and winning first prize !!! The craftsman project was a bird call or whistle. This was won by Stan Lax with second place going to John Oldham and third to Ian Robson.

Wed May 25: Today the novice competition was a goblet. It was won by Steven Bury, with Glynis Hartley second and John Burdett third. The task for the craftsmen was a gavel. This was won by Norman Sanders, with Stan Lax coming second and Alan Jobling third. The judge also decided to name a fourth place winner because the entries were all so close. Fourth place went to John Winspear.

Wed June 22: The novice competition this month was a small bowl up to 8" diameter. It was won by John Burdett with a bowl which could have been well placed in the craftsman class. Second was Jackie Gates and third was Glynis Hartley.It is good to see the ladies entering and gaining good places with excellent pieces. The craftsman class was a pen of any description. There were some excellent entries and the results were: 1st Frank Bowman, 2nd John Oldham and 3rd Graham Phoenix.

Wed July 27: This month's novice project was a bud vase and first prize went to Robbie Cooper with an excellent piece based on Sue Harker's recent Woodturning magazine article. Second place went to John Burdett, earning special praise from the judge for the quality of the finish, and Jackie Gates kept up the standard with an excellent third place. It is as well that the novices (under two years turning) have their own project each month as many of them are well capable of winning places in the craftsman class. Well done to all who entered. The craftsman's project was a "trencher". This was won with a very novel piece by Stan Lax. Second place went to Brian Hobbs and third place to David Otterson.

Wed August 24: What a disappointing entry this month with two very easy topics. The Novice class attracted only two entries for the cord pull. John Burdett was first, and second (or last, depending on how you look at it) was Jacke Gates. The Craftsman class didn't fare much better with only four entries of a chopping or bread board. First place went to Alan Jobling, second to Dennis Wake and third to Ian Robson.

Wed September 28: The normal monthly competition this time was an egg for the novices and an egg plus egg cup for the craftsmen. The novice results were: 1st John Burdett, 2nd Steve Bury and 3rd Helena Kilvington. The craftsman winners were: 1st Ian Robson, 2nd Stan Lax and 3rd Brian Lashbrook.

Wed September 28: Today was also the judging for the big open competition and this time the members did the club proud. We had a superb entry of 29 excellent pieces displaying some exceptional skill and imagination.
Prizes were kindly donated as follows:- 1st prize was a Decorating Elf tool from Eric Hansell, 2nd prize was a spindle gouge from David Muckle and 3rd prize was a woodturnng book from Graham Phoenix.
The judges were Eric Hansell, founder member and still current member of the club, and Mrs Bridget Taverner-Denton, a gallery owner from Thirsk. They had a very difficult and unenviable task and spent over an hour comparing and scoring the entries.

Judges Eric Hansell and Bridget Taverner-Denton hard at work.

The pieces were judged on Quality of Turning, Finish, Overall Appearance and Visual Impact, with a total maximum score of 20 points available.
The winners were: 1st Alan Jobling, with an incredible score of 19 points for his superbly turned and finished jardinaire, 2nd was Graham Phoenix with an excellent score of 18 points for his beautiful huge closed segment vase, and in third place Greg Ferkol scored 16 points with his delightful small lidded box. Ian Robson also received a special mention for his closed segment vase.
Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all the entrants for making it such a successful competition.

Alan Jobling. Graham Phoenix. Greg Ferkol.

Wed October 26: Rather a poor response for this month's competition which was an apple and pear for both novices and craftsmen. There were only two novice entries, John Burdett winning first place and Helena Kilvington second. There were a few more entries from the craftsmen but not a lot. 1st was Alan Jobling, 2nd Deryck Cox and 3rd Stan Lax.

Wed November 23: Once again not a very good response but some very nice entries. The subject was a Christmas decoration and the novice class winners were:- 1st Glynis Hartley, 2nd Bill Evans and 3rd Jackie Gates. The craftsman class was won by Brian Lashbrook, with John Burdett 2nd and Stan Lax 3rd. John Burdett deserves a special mention as he is still officially classed as a novice. He has been turning for only about 15 months but chose to enter the craftsman class this month and came second with a Christmas cracker, which came in half in the middle to reveal a smaller replica which also opened in the middle. Well done John.

That is the last of the monthly competitions.
We have decided that starting in 2012 we will stop the monthly competitions and in view of the excellent number and quality of entries in the open competition, we will have two open competitions. The first will be the Novice competition in April (on the AGM night - Wed 4th April) followed by the craftsman competition on Wed 9th May, and the second in September/October, the date to be arranged.

Wed April 4: Tonight we had the first of our open competitions for the novices - members who have been turning for two years or less. The competition was won by our secretary, Helena Kilvington (see Contact Us page for photgraph) with a beautifully marked bowl in Horse Chestnut I think. Second place went to John Burdett with a nice small cherry bowl and Peter Ryles took third place with a nicely finished small vase. Peter has only been turning since about Christmas and has been a club member for only two months. Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to the three winners. Well done all of you.

Novice Winners.

John Burdett. Helena Kilvington. Peter Ryles.

Wed May 9: Tonight we had the first of this year's craftsman competitions. There were some excellent pieces on show but not as many entries as we had hoped. The competition was sponsored by last year's winner, Alan Jobling, and the two guest judges were Ivor Grace RPT, from Hawes and Alan Jobling's daughter Helen.
The winners were 1st place Ian Robson, with a superb Yew vase, 2nd was Nigel Coates with a large natural ash bowl, and David Johnston took third place with a Corinthian helmet. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the other competitors who entered some superb pieces.

Ian Robson. Nigel Coates. David Johnston.

Close-ups of their winning entries.

Some of the other excellent entries.

Wed Oct 10: Tonight we had the second competition of the year, with both novice and craftsman classes on the same evening. We had only two prizes for each class this time and the judging was by membership ballot.
The winner of the novice class was Peter Ryles, with an excellent platter and Peter Rivett won second place with a very well made octagonal lidded pot pourri bowl. The craftsman class was tied for first place between Alan Jobling, with an open barley twist candlestick and John Winspear, with a large natural edge bowl.
Congratulations to the prize winners and many thanks to the other entrants for making the effort and producing some first class pieces, though unfortunately not as many as we would have liked from such a large club membership.

Novice Entries. Craftsman Entries

Peter Rivett, Peter Ryles, John Winspear, Alan Jobling.

December 18th 2013.
After a long break we re-introduced the competition, with two groups - Novice up to two years turning and Craftsman over two years.
This time we had an excellent response with a lot of first class pieces from both novices and craftsmen.
The competition was judged by members' vote and the results were:- Novice 1st Colin Mortlock with a superb bandstand clock, 2nd Brian Whalley with three two tone apples on a plate and 3rd Eric Henderson with a very nice bowl. Craftsman class was won by Norman Sanders with John Basford winning second prize and Frank Bowman coming third.
Well done to all winners and indeed to all entrants.

Brian Whalley, Colin Mortlock, Eric Henderson. John Basford, Norman Sanders, Frank Bowman


Novices Table

Craftsman Tables.

Wednesday Sept 16th:
Today we revived the long overdue competition which was very kindly and generously sponsored by club member John Burdett. We had an excellent number of entries in both Craftsman and Novice and as always we were delighted and amazed at the quality of the work.
The entries were judged by the members, each having one vote in each category , and the entry with the most votes won first prize, etc.
The winners were :-
Craftsman class: 1st prize Bob Marshall, 2nd prize Graham Phoenix and 3rd prize Robbie Cooper.
Novice class: 1st prize Brian Rhea, 2nd prize John McGee and 3rd prize David Grey.
Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all those who entered.

Craftsman tables......................................... and............. ...........................Novice table.

Competition Winners, left to right...
Brian Rhea, John McGee, Robbie Cooper, Bob Marshall, Graham Phoenix and David Grey.

No cmpetitions have been arranged so far for 2017.

Wed 4 April 2018. It is quite a while since we had a competition so tonight, AGM night, we followed the AGM business with a display of members' work which was judged by all the members. Everyone had one vote for their favourite piece and the highest number of votes was the winner.
The number of entries and the standard of exhibits was truly amazing. thanks to everyone who took the trouble to display a piece.

These are the entries......

..... and the winners.....

1st Kevin Russell..............................2nd Dick Simpson..............................3rd Nigel Coates.

Wed 28 November 2018: Competition night. We will be having a competition with two classes:- Novice - those who have been turning for no more than two years, and Craftsman - anyone who has been turning for more than two years.
Judging will by vote from all members present. The winning piece will not necessarily be the most professionally finished but will be the piece receiving the most votes.
Sheila Beeforth, widow of one of our founder members 'Big Bill' Beeforth, who sadly passed away earlier this year, has very generously donated a trophy in Bill's memory and she and her daughter Alison have kindly agreed to come along to present the trophy to the winner.

Once again we had an excellent display of entries and the winners were:-
Craftsman Class - 1st Alan jobling, 2nd Graham Pheonix, 3rd Dick Simpson.
Novice Class - 1st Bill Heppell, 2nd Kevin Russell, 3rd Alan Wyke.
Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and helped to make it an enjoyable and successful night.
Thanks also to Sheila and Alison for attending and presenting the trophies.

Craftsman Table...................................................................................Novice Table

Sheila Beeforth presenting the craftsman cup to Alan jobling......and the novice trophy to Bill Heppell

Left to right:Dick Simpson, Graham Phoenix, Alan Jobling,Sheila Beeforth, Bill Heppell, Kevin Russell, Alan Wyke

On Wednesday 27th November 2019 we held our annual competition and once again we were delighted and amazed by the number and quality of the entries.
The Craftsman class was won by Robbie Cooper with a superb segmented pedestal bowl and he was presented with the Bill Beeforth trophy. Second place went to Frank Bowman and in third place was John Oldham.
The Novice winner was Graham Hobson who produced an excellent multi-piece Nativity Scene which won him the Golden Skew trophy. Second place went to Mark Wilkinson with Eddie Harkins coming third.
Thanks to everyone who made the effort and placed an entry on the crowded tables.

Craftsman Winning Entries (front of table)............................Novice winning entries.

L/R..John Oldham, Frank Bowman, Robbie Cooper, Graham Hobson, Mark Wilkinson, Eddie Harkins.

Wednesday 17 November 2021: Competition Night.
The club is just recovering from the long Covid lockdown. Our attendance numbers are low and the number of entries was considerably lower than previous years. Nevertheless, there were some superb entries on the table.
Judging was by vote from all members present and the winner was Helena Kilvington. She was closely followed by joint seconds Dick Simpson and Graham Hobson.
There were ufortunately only three entries in the Novice class and it was won by Carl Mudd with an entry good enough to be in the Craftsman class. Second was Ian Lockwood and our newest memberTony McGuigan, a complete beginner just a few weeks ago, put his first ever bowl on the table to come third. Well done Tony for partaking in the competition.
Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who participated.

Helena's Bowl Entries Carl's Bowl

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